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Hi, I’m Paul from the WildAlmeria team. Welcome to the site!

Almería is absolutely Spain’s hidden corner.  It is a unique and fascinating area that is seriously under-watched and under-explored, especially as a birding and wildlife destination.  We are changing that.  Come and discover it with us or choose us to help you explore other great destinations in Spain, the UK and beyond. 

Your birdwatching adventure begins here.

[title size=”big” position=”left” decoration=”off” underline=”off” style=”dark” text=”Why Choose Us?”][icons_set row_size=”3″][icon_item icon=”td-earth-1″ title=”Local Knowledge”]With team members based permanently in the heart of Spain we deliver the local knowledge you need for success.[/icon_item][icon_item icon=”td-banknote-1″ title=”Value for Money”]Experience, combined with affordable prices offers great value.[/icon_item][icon_item icon=”td-photocamera-5″ title=”Beautiful Places”]We live and breathe the most beautiful areas within Spain. Let us guide you.[/icon_item][icon_item icon=”td-calendar-2″ title=”Fast Booking”]Call, email, text. We will respond quickly and help you choose exactly the right tour for you.[/icon_item][icon_item icon=”td-chat” title=”Equipment Hire”]We have a range of optical equipment available for hire to add benefit to your tour experience.[/icon_item][icon_item icon=”td-heart” title=”Hotels & Food”]Use our trusted partners to get the hotel you want. Lunch is included and local restaurants serve lovely, traditional food.[/icon_item][/icons_set]
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Contact tours@wildalmeria.com to register your interest in our upcoming tours and workshops

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