Not so much a trip report but a report from my brother Garry about his twitch of the Solitary Sandpiper in Almeria:

It was a bright morning when I met my Spanish birding friend Raimundo in Retamar. The drive to the site outside Cuevas de Almonzara only took about an hour. The site itself was a dry river bed a couple of kilometres from the town but on either side of the road crossing were half a dozen small pools. There were plenty of waders there including Black-winged Stilt, Dunlin, Ruff, Snipe, Common Sandpiper and two beautiful Wood Sandpiper. There were also several Green Sandpiper which made finding the Solitary Sand quite a challenge. We needed to consult images of the bird on the internet to be sure.

Tringa Solitaria
After about 90 minutes searching we still did not have a definite ID. We then climbed up the concrete side of the river channel and immediately saw a promising bird in a small, elongated pool. It was actively feeding and displayed all the right characteristics for Solitary Sandpiper. As we watched, a farm vehicle drove past and disturbed the bird and a small cheer went up as it flew a couple of yards giving us clear views of the dark tail. We then watched for a while until it flew back towards the road crossing. At that stage it was joined by a Green Sandpiper and we had a great opportunity to compare the two side by side. An excellent bird and a great morning!

If accepted this will be only the fourth record for Spain. I see no reason why it should not be accepted given the excellent images available and number of of experienced observers who have now seen the bird. There is speculation that this may be the same bird that was seen near Malaga last year.